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            UNT-MMI-B-M intelligent MCC control protection management device


            Product description:
            The product is mainly used in the control circuit of low-voltage motor to realize various protection, monitoring and control functions of the motor, and can realize remote monitoring of the motor circuit through the field bus.

            ? Passed the “National Relay Quality Supervision and Inspection Center” 9 electromagnetic compatibility test, the severity level is III;
            ? Passed the inspection of “National Explosion-proof Electrical Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center”, which is applicable to increased safety explosion-proof motors;
            ?Using 32-bit industrial-grade microprocessor, the speed is fast and the precision is high;
            ?Adaptive variable frequency sampling technology, suitable for inverter circuits;
            ? Flexible multiple control methods, each control authority is locked to each other;
            ?The switch input circuit adopts strong anti-interference design, with long transmission distance and high reliability;
            ?Chinese character LCD, rich menu display, friendly interface;
            The internal control contacts of the device have protection circuits that can effectively protect the contacts without the need for a surge absorber.
            The device has a self-memory chip inside, and the "anti-shake" function and the voltage recovery self-starting function can be realized without a separate power supply module;
            ? Rich programmable logic, which can realize complex process interlocking (such as interlocking between motors, interlocking of physical quantity such as motor and liquid level, temperature), and improve design efficiency;
            ? Built-in photoelectric isolation 4~20mA output interface, the output power is optional, and the range is adjustable;
            ?Modbus with industrial fieldbus technology can quickly communicate with monitoring system and PLC communication, and realize advanced management functions in the distance;
            ? Dual communication interface design can realize network redundancy, greatly improve communication reliability, and flexible networking mode.
            ?The device is suitable for a wide power supply range, from 85V to 265V, AC and DC can be applied.

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