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            UNT-DZY-6100 line comprehensive protection and monitoring device


            Product description:
            The UNT-DZY-6100 line comprehensive protection measurement and control device is a digital intelligent device applied to the PC circuit and used in conjunction with a circuit breaker. The control, measurement, protection, communication and other functions of the loop can be completed. The products are mainly used for low-voltage circuits such as lines, feeder branches, busbar segments, and transformer protection.

            Monitoring function:
            ?Three-phase current, three-phase voltage, zero-sequence current, zero-sequence voltage, power, power factor, etc.
            ?Up to 12 roads, 12 roads
            ? Collect circuit breaker status, spring energy storage, non-electricity and other signals
            ?Control loop abnormality monitoring, PT disconnection monitoring
            ?遠傳 4-20mA signal output, the output can be arbitrarily specified
            ? fault recording
            Protective function:
            Contains 14 comprehensive protections including current and voltage

            Control function:
            ?Flexible to achieve multi-ground control
            ?Multiple programmable outputs
            ? Rich PLC interlock logic control function

            Communication function:
            ?Profibus-DP industrial field bus implementation system networking
            ?RS485 communication interface, system networking with Modbus@RTU communication protocol
            ?CAN field bus for communication networking

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