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            UNT-DZY-6200 motor comprehensive protection measurement and control device


            Product description:
            UNT-DZY-6200 motor comprehensive protection measurement and control device is mainly used in the low-voltage frame circuit breaker control loop to realize various protection, monitoring and control functions for the motor, and can realize remote monitoring of the motor circuit through the field bus.

            Monitoring function:
            ?Three-phase current, three-phase voltage, zero-sequence current, zero-sequence voltage, power, power factor, etc.
            ?Up to 12 roads, 12 roads
            ? Collect circuit breaker status, spring energy storage, non-electricity and other signals
            ?Control loop abnormality monitoring, PT disconnection monitoring
            ?Far pass4-20mA signal output, the output can be arbitrarily specified
            ? fault recording

            Protective function:
            Contains 14 comprehensive protections including current and voltage

            control function:
            ?Flexible to achieve multi-ground control
            ?Multiple programmable outputs
            ? Rich PLC interlock logic control function

            Communication function:
            ?Profibus-DP industrial field bus implementation system networking
            ?RS485 communication interface, system networking with Modbus@RTU communication protocol
            ?CAN field bus for communication networking

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