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            UNT-DZY-6300 standby power supply self-injection device


            Product description:
            UNT-DZY-6300 backup power supply self-injection device function: When the working power supply is disconnected due to malfunction or other reasons, the backup power supply can be quickly put into operation to ensure the reliability of power supply.
            The incoming line is self-injecting and is suitable for the incoming circuit of a single bus without segmentation.
            The segmentation reserve is applicable to the incoming loop of a single bus segment.

            Device features:
            ?Using 32-bit industrial microprocessor, stable performance, fast speed and high precision;
            ? passed the “National Relay Quality Supervision and Inspection Center” for 15 EMC tests, and the severity level is Grade IV;
            ? Full metal casing design, effectively shielding external electromagnetic interference and improving the reliability and safety of the device;
            The anti-interference ability of the device is strong, and no anti-interference measures need to be added during field installation;
            ? Wide temperature range: -25°C to +55°C;
            ? can be installed on the switchgear as an in-situ protection device, and can also be grouped in the control room. Both methods can adapt to different interface requirements of the site;
            ?The hardware system adopts distributed structure design, which is modular, highly standardized, easy to install, easy to network, easy for mass production and on-site maintenance, and is conducive to reducing spare parts;
            ? Built-in small PLC programmable logic module, which can realize flexible and rich interlocking logic relationship;
            ?Adopt industrial-grade fieldbus technology (Modbus/CAN) can quickly communicate with monitoring system, DCS, PLC communication, and realize advanced management functions in the distance;
            ? Dual network interface design, which can achieve network redundancy and high reliability;
            ? Complete SOE recording function to record the latest 20 events;
            ? Chinese character LCD display, friendly man-machine interface. It is easy to operate and is especially suitable for on-site commissioning and maintenance.

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