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            UNT-EAP intelligent arc protection


            Product description:
            UNT-EAP intelligent arc protection series is a new generation of intelligent arc protection products developed by our company on the basis of long-term electrical automation product design and development, introducing advanced foreign technology concepts.

            The main application areas of this product:
            Switch cabinet low and medium voltage bus protection
            Box-type substation protection
            ?Rectifier cabinet protection
            ? feeder cable connector protection
            By detecting the arcing phenomenon when a fault occurs inside the switchgear, combined with the principle of overcurrent blocking, the action is fast and reliable, the system configuration is simple, and the adaptability is strong, which is an ideal busbar protection solution.
            The arc protection device can access a plurality of arc light signals and current signals transmitted by the arc sensor. The arc sensor can be placed anywhere in the switchgear, usually in each compartment of the switchgear or along the busbar. The main action of arc protection is based on two different factors of fault: arc and current increment. A trip command is issued when a specific intensity of arc and current increment is detected at the same time, and the location where the fault occurred is displayed.

            Features and features:
            ? passed the “National Relay Quality Supervision and Inspection Center” 15 electromagnetic compatibility tests, the severity level is IV.
            ?All metal casing design, effectively shielding external electromagnetic interference;
            ?Using 32-bit industrial-grade microprocessor, the speed is fast and the precision is high;
            ? Large screen LCD display, friendly interface and easy operation;
            ?The key components are imported quality products;
            ?The unique fast current algorithm guarantees the fast and reliable current criterion, and the calculation time is less than 2ms;
            ? It has fault hard positioning and soft positioning function;
            The xenon arc signal can be serially transmitted between the acquisition units, so that the number of monitoring points can be arbitrarily increased, and the cost of transmitting the optical fiber is greatly reduced;
            ?The main unit has built-in power module and current collecting module, which is easy to install and use, and has high reliability;
            Optical fiber the main unit and the acquisition unit have optical fiber and communication double connection, which can quickly transmit the fault arc signal and data transmission;
            ?When setting parameters, no mechanical components such as dial switch and potentiometer are needed, all digitized, high precision, no vibration, wear and other hidden dangers;
            ?Multiple communication interfaces for flexible networking solutions;
            ?Optional current protection with delay, which can be used as secondary overcurrent protection for switchgear;
            The action criterion can be set, and the action criterion can be set to arc current plus or only arc light;
            The xenon arc probe is passively connected to the main device through the optical fiber, and has strong electrical isolation and anti-interference ability;
            There are auxiliary functions such as accident record, fault recording, remote signal, current measurement, self-test;

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