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            UNT-NMI intelligent network instrument


            Device overview:
            The UNT-NMI intelligent network instrument is a network power meter designed for the power monitoring needs of various enterprises. It can measure all common power parameters such as three-phase current, three-phase voltage, power, frequency and electric energy. In addition, this device can provide complete communication networking functions, analog uploading and other functions, which is very suitable for real-time monitoring systems. After years of engineering practice, UNT-NMI integrated intelligent meters have been widely used in power, chemical, paper, metallurgy, municipal, coal and many other fields, and the operation is stable and reliable.

            Device features:
            ? Full parameter measurement, can replace all single and three-phase electricity measurement instruments;
            ? can replace all traditional power transmitters;
            ?Multiple voltage level input (low voltage 400V direct access, PT100V access);
            ? Provide a standard communication interface;
            The utility model has the advantages of small size, convenient wiring and installation (especially suitable for installation on a switch cabinet);
            ? It is easy to realize the intelligentization of the switchgear in the original switchgear equipment, and it can easily cooperate with mainstream circuit breakers such as ABB, Schneider and Siemens;
            ? Support ModBus RTU and Profibus protocol, standard disclosure agreement, provide corresponding technical support;
            ? Supports up to 4 channels of 4~20mA output modules, the output power is optional, and the range is adjustable.

            Measurement function:
            ?Voltage measurement (three-phase or three-wire)
            ? current measurement (three-phase)
            ? active power (three-phase and sum)
            ?Reactive power (three-phase and sum)
            ?power factor
            ?frequency measurement
            ? active power (sum)
            ?Reactive power (sum)

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