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            UNT-APF low voltage active power filter


            Low-voltage active power filter (APF: Active Power Filter) is suitable for low-voltage 400V power distribution system, connected to the grid in parallel, through real-time detection of harmonic and reactive components of the load, using PWM conversion technology, and harmonics Equal to the reactive component, the opposite current is injected into the power distribution system. A device that suppresses harmonics and dynamically compensates for reactive power, so that the power supply system meets the requirements of GB/T 14549-93 Power Quality Shared Grid Harmonics.

            Main features of active power filter:
            Most stable - 24 hours a day, 365 days guarantee no downtime
            The most reliable - through the most rigorous electromagnetic compatibility experiment in domestic laboratories
            The most energy-saving - the design of the stepless variable speed fan, the highest efficiency of the whole machine
            The most simple - modular design, any combination of installation, support for hot swap

            Introduction to the characteristics of active power filter technology
            1, can compensate for 2 - 61 harmonics, can also select specific harmonics to compensate separately, the efficiency is 98%
            2, with a remote communication interface, can achieve real-time monitoring of PC
            3, response time ≤ 10ms, linear compensation
            4. Automatically detect the operation during the compensation process. If it restarts, it will have self-diagnosis function. After the fault is eliminated, it will be automatically put into use.
            5. Modular cooling fan adopts unique control mode to realize stepless speed regulation. With the output of equipment capacity, the cooling air machine automatically adjusts the fan speed, low noise and low loss.
            6, intelligent control circuit, with perfect protection functions (such as: overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overheating, overload automatic current limiting, etc.) high reliability.
            7, advanced power conversion technology, flexible compensation mode, easy to operate.
            8, modular design, improve the reliability and maintainability of use.
            9, with a human-friendly human-computer interaction interface, can display the system's power quality information (such as: voltage and current waveforms, active power, reactive power, apparent power, harmonics, etc.), easy to operate.

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