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            UNT-DW low voltage reactive power compensation device


            Device overview
            The UNT-DW low-voltage reactive power compensation device is suitable for distribution transformers, low-voltage lines, or other outdoor low-voltage power distribution systems to achieve reactive power automatic tracking compensation. The device integrates reactive power compensation optimization and power monitoring, and adopts a combination of fixed compensation and dynamic compensation. It can track the running status of the grid in real time, with smooth compensation performance and optimal compensation effect. The system can effectively compensate the reactive power of the line, ensure the power factor is stable, reduce the line loss, improve the utilization of the transformer and transmission line, and improve the power supply quality of the load end.

            Power monitoring is rich in content, including three-phase voltage, current, power factor, active power, temperature and many other parameters. It provides an effective means of analysis for monitoring grid operations. The device has a capacitor current measurement function, which provides a monitoring basis for the operation of the capacitor during long-term operation. The system is equipped with powerful background management software to perform multiple data analysis on the measurement results of the control cabinet.

            The device has been widely used in machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, mining, chemical, building materials, oil fields, ports and other distribution networks as well as low-voltage distribution networks such as living quarters, businesses, schools. The device is especially suitable for working conditions in which the inductive load has large reactive power content, large load variation and frequent load fluctuations.

            Device characteristics
            1. With the power factor and reactive power as the sampling physical quantity for compensation control, the line system is guaranteed to be stable and without oscillation, and the compensation effect is taken into account;
            2. Automatic optimization, zero-crossing switching capacitors, real-time tracking of the grid, selection of switching capacitors according to reactive power budget matching, achieving the best compensation effect while meeting the power factor requirements, effectively avoiding over-compensation and switching Shock
            3. Various compensation methods: three-phase common compensation, sub-compensation and comprehensive compensation can be selected, and the device has manual and automatic operation modes;
            4. Complete monitoring function: Real-time monitoring of system's three-phase voltage, current, three-phase active/reactive power, three-phase phase, three-phase power factor, capacitor current, zero-sequence current, grid frequency, equipment operating temperature, positive/ Reverse active/reactive power, capacitor operating status, etc.;
            5, capacitor quality online monitoring: the device can monitor the switching state of the capacitor in real time, switching current, to ensure the good performance of the capacitor, improve the reliability of compensation;
            6, all kinds of monitoring data and capacitor switching state, can be displayed by the human-machine interface friendly large-screen Chinese LCD real-time display, on-site maintenance personnel can view at any time, simple and convenient;
            7. Complete protection functions: overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss, short circuit, overcurrent, three-phase unbalance, and harmonic limit;
            8, support remote communication: remote reception through GPRS, set data, real-time monitoring;
            9. Various monitoring data and historical data can be queried, displayed, recorded and saved through the background;
            10. The standard cabinet is used in the device, and it can also be designed and manufactured according to the actual needs of users;
            11. The device is installed and operated simply, the operation is stable and reliable, and the maintenance is simple and convenient.

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