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            UNT-GW high voltage reactive power compensation device


            Device overview
            UNT-GW series high-voltage reactive power automatic compensation device is mainly composed of switching switches, capacitors, reactors, current transformers, discharge line coils and other devices and intelligent controllers. Reactive power automatic tracking compensation for medium and high voltage power distribution systems. The device can effectively compensate reactive power, reduce network loss, and improve power quality. The device can be built into the user's internal or outdoor structure according to customer needs. The cabinet type and frame type can be used indoors, and the box type and fence type can be used outdoors.

            Device characteristics
            1. Adopt advanced intelligent logic control technology to achieve the best voltage and reactive power control effect;
            2. Matching and switching of multiple sets of capacitors according to their different capacities, on which the cycle switching is performed, not only ensures that the reactive power compensation is optimal, but also equalizes the number of capacitors and switches, and prolongs the switch and capacitor bank. Service life
            3. The operation mode is adaptive, and various operation modes of multiple transformers, multiple sets of capacitors and multiple bus substations can be automatically identified to determine the corresponding control strategy;
            4. Dedicated microcomputer protection unit with comprehensive protection functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, quick disconnection, zero sequence current, three-phase unbalance, etc., and remove and lock the capacitor when fault occurs;
            5, perfect blocking function, can define sufficient blocking conditions as needed;
            6, with automatic control, manual operation, remote control of a variety of working methods;
            7. It can interface with substation automation and dispatching automation system, collect real-time information, upload action records, and set parameters in the distance;
            8. Each reactor can be equipped with a reactor to limit the inrush current, suppress harmonics and prevent resonance;
            9, easy to install, operate, reliable operation and easy maintenance.

            1. Adopting the integrated control strategy of both grid voltage and reactive power, automatically completing the switching of capacitors, real-time intelligent compensation of reactive power, and realizing the balance of supply and demand of reactive power;
            2. Improve power factor, improve voltage quality, and reduce network loss;
            3. For the on-load voltage regulating transformer, comprehensive control of system voltage and reactive power can be realized. Closed-loop automatic control of the on-load tap-changer and capacitor bank can be performed separately or separately.

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