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            UNT-SVG high voltage chain static var generator


             UNT-SVG high-voltage chain static var generator is the representative of the latest technology in the field of reactive power compensation. SVG is connected in parallel to the power grid, which is equivalent to a variable reactive current source. Its reactive current can quickly track the change of load. The change, the automatic compensation system requires reactive power, and the SVG response speed is extremely fast, also known as Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM).

            The basic principle of SVG is to use a high-power power electronic device such as (IGBT) to form a self-commutated bridge circuit. The reactor is connected in parallel on the power grid, and the amplitude and phase of the output voltage of the AC side of the bridge circuit are properly adjusted. Or directly control the current on the AC side, so that the circuit can absorb or emit the reactive current that meets the requirements, and achieve the purpose of dynamic compensation. SVG can emit both inductive and reactive reactive power within its rated compensation range, equivalent to a continuously dynamically adjustable inductor or capacitor.

            Introduction to technical characteristics
            ? Fast response and low average loss
            ?SVG response time: ≤5ms, traditional reactive power compensation equipment response time: ≥20ms.
            The average loss is 0.70.7%, which is the lowest in the domestic industry.

            ? Maintenance-free equipment
            ?Modular design, the structure and electrical performance of the power unit are exactly the same, the units can be interchanged.
            ? Easy to install, set up and debug, and easy to operate.

            ? High control precision and small footprint
            ? High control accuracy is 0.005 degrees and the control resolution is 0.7%, which is superior to other manufacturers.
            ?Because a large number of passive components such as reactors and capacitors are not required, the size and footprint of the compensation device are reduced. It is only 1/3 to 1/2 of the same capacity SVC.

            ? Good low voltage characteristics
            ?SVG has the characteristics of current source, and its output current can be affected by bus voltage, which makes the system have strong low voltage ride through capability.

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