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            UNT-SVG low voltage static reactive generator


            Low-voltage static reactive power generator (SVG: Active Power Filter) is aimed at reactive power compensation of 400V standard power grid in China. Our company has launched independent intellectual property rights and innovative SVG power electronic device system. The system uses international advanced three-level technology to enable dynamic reactive power compensation and improve grid power factor.

            SVG is connected to the grid in parallel. By detecting the harmonic components of the load in real time, the PWM transform technology is used to inject the current with the same harmonic and component magnitude and opposite direction into the power supply and distribution system. The device that implements the harmonic suppression function enables the power supply system to meet the requirements of GB/T 14549-93 Power Quality Shared Grid Harmonics.

            Features and features
            ? PF0.99 level reactive compensation function, three-phase unbalance compensation function
            ?3DSP+CPLD full digital control mode;
            ? Real-time compensation full response time is less than 10ms, dynamic response time is less than 100μs;
            ? Wide input voltage and frequency range, suitable for diesel engine power supply and harsh power supply site, voltage upper limit 460V, lower limit 240V;
            ? low power loss (less than 3% of the apparent power of the device), the actual efficiency is >97%;
            ? FFT, intelligent FFT, instantaneous reactive power three algorithm modes;
            ? Good stability: infinite impedance to the grid system, does not affect the grid system impedance; and the output waveform is accurate and will not affect other equipment;
            ? Simple and flexible application: modular structure, easy to install, can be used with other power distribution systems;
            ? Convenient maintenance and expansion: support modular and simple replacement and expansion, support plug and unplug, and foolproof design to ensure no on-site maintenance by professionals;
            ? Wide capacity coverage: 50kvar ~ 500kvar single cabinet capacity can be realized;
            ? The compensation capacity is equal to the installation capacity and is not affected by the system voltage drop;
            ?Applicability of all working conditions: It can resist 40°C environment, anti-seismic level 9 and can be operated in parallel with diesel engine power generation system;
            ? Friendly Chinese and English operation interface: event record, automatic fault alarm, fault record and parameter setting function and fault record;
            ? Perfect function setting: parameter personalization setting function, self-checking startup function, EPO emergency shutdown function;
            ? 7-inch touch color screen monitoring system.

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