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            TSC type dynamic reactive power compensation device


            Device overview
            TSC (Thyristor-Switched Capacitor) is a power distribution system compensation device based on contactless switch switching capacitor. Its main feature is to compensate the reactive demand of the changing load, and there is no mechanical action part, which can be frequently switched as needed. Harmonics are injected into the system. Some people call it Adaptive Var Compensator, which is also called Soft Switching Capacitor. It has been called thyristor switching capacitor (TSC) in China.

            Working principle

            As shown above, the TSC dynamic reactive power compensation device is composed of a combination of a fiber optic trigger control system, a valve control system, a reactor, and a capacitor. The control system is monitored and intelligently adjusted by PLC in real time. The capacitor bank is switched by the thyristor. When the reactive current value detected by the controller exceeds the set value, the number of stages of the capacitor bank is automatically determined, and the control regulator outputs a trigger signal to the designated thyristor to turn on the capacitor. The group is put into operation. When the load reactive current value is lower than the set value, the controller gives a control signal, and the trigger stops triggering the signal and the capacitor bank is taken out of operation. The above working conditions are completely automatic, ensuring that the switching capacitor has no impact, no inrush current, and no transition process.

            Device composition
            System control protection screen
            Structure: standard cabinet structure
            Function: The control panel automatically determines the number of stages of the capacitor bank to be switched according to the detected reactive current of the system, and sends or stops the trigger signal to the corresponding thyristor by controlling the regulator. The protection screen provides perfect protection for the stable and reliable operation of the capacitor bank.
            Thyristor valve block
            Accept the signal from the control system, input or exit the capacitor of the corresponding series. High-voltage thyristors can be selected from domestic and foreign high-quality products according to user needs, and the performance is good. High-frequency constant current loop self-capacitance, trigger monitoring, BOD protection and other functions.
            Outdoor capacitor
            Structure: open frame structure
            Role: Regulate system capacitive reactive power by being thrown in or out.

            Technical characteristics
            1. The control has high reliability, and the operation is simple. When connecting with the system, it is not necessary to consider the phase sequence of the communication system;
            2. Adopting fiber-optic trigger technology to realize isolation of primary system and secondary system, solve interference problems, and ensure trigger pulse synchronization and accuracy;
            3. The thyristor is used to control the switching capacitor bank to realize the thyristor voltage zero-crossing switching and improve the service life of the equipment;
            4. The structure of the thyristor valve group can be cabinet type and open module type, which can be selected by the user;
            5. According to the voltage, reactive power and ideal power factor, the capacitor bank is automatically switched, and the grading and multi-stage switching can be realized, so that the compensation is more accurate and meets the expected requirements;
            6. Improve voltage quality, stabilize system voltage, and suppress voltage flicker;
            7. It is equipped with high-speed communication interface, which can work as an independent equipment unit. It can also form a substation integrated automation system through the communication interface and other protection and monitoring equipment in the substation to meet the substation's unmanned, few people on duty and centralized control. Operation management mode requirements;
            8, large-screen touch screen interface, record reading data is more direct, good man-machine dialogue function.
            9, can be combined with TCR control, so that the compensation effect is better;
            10. Suitable for occasions where the load fluctuates frequently.

            Application field
            Wind farms, electric arc furnaces, metallurgy, electrified railways, hoists, coal, steel mills, electric power substations, chemicals, oil, mining, construction, etc.

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