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            The trip to Yesanpo ended successfully
            Views:    2017-07-18

            On July 2, 2017, the company organized a trip to Yesanpo with the theme of “Everyone's Small Family, Harmonious Family; Canyon Wonderland, Flying Feeling”. The employees and employees' families participated in the event.

            Ye Sanpo Scenic Area has a beautiful environment and lush vegetation. It is a national 5A level scenic spot. Bailixia has the reputation of “the first gorge in the world”. The strange rocks stand tall and strange. We visit the “first-line sky” and “water curtain hole” and other scenic spots, and feel the magic of nature. The wild three-slope rafting has released pressure for everyone. The rubber boat shuttles through the green mountains and green waters, full of our laughter and laughter; the fish bones have layers of scenery, strange scenery, stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, let us understand the growth process of the ancient earth; finally, we climbed At the peak of Baicao, the horizon is open and the grassland in the mountains is full of sight. We enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature and the cool summer.

            All the way, helping each other, uniting and loving, the trip to the wild three slopes makes us happy, refines the will and strengthens the team cohesion. Let us devote more enthusiasm and more energy to our work, and climb the peak of the company and create new achievements.



            From Asia's largest to the world's largest - the best commissioning of the latest unit of th...
            Views:    2017-03-15

            Congratulations to Unit 10 of the fifth phase of Inner Mongolia Datang International Toketo Power Generation Co., Ltd. successfully passed the 168-hour trial run!

            Our company's low-voltage measurement and control device series UN-MMI-B and UNT-PCK-A products total more than 1,000 units, successfully used in this project, and the operation is stable.
            Inner Mongolia Datang International Tuoketuo Power Generation Co., Ltd. Phase 5 expansion project Two domestically produced 660,000 kilowatt ultra-supercritical units have all been put into commercial operation, with a total installed capacity of 6.72 million kilowatts, including 8 sets of 600,000 kilowatt units and two sets of 66 The 10,000-kilowatt unit and two 300,000-kilowatt units have become the world's largest thermal power plants in service.




            The 2017 New Year Party was held
            Views:    2017-02-08

            On January 21st, 2017, Baoding City Yoneite Electric Co., Ltd. held a New Year's party. The company's leaders and all the staff gathered together to celebrate the New Year and celebrate the festival.

            The joyful and cheerful opening dance kicked off the party's prelude. First of all, the general manager Chen Zongzhi gave a congratulatory message to all the staff, and expressed his gratitude and blessing to all the staff. I hope that everyone will make persistent efforts and create new achievements. The festival has a lot of highlights and excitement. The staff's self-directed essays "Large Landlord" and "Golden Glue" are ingeniously designed and humorous, and have won enthusiastic applause from the audience. The poem recites "The Brave without fear, the broad sky" is passionate and uplifting. The song "My Good Brother" and "365 Blessings" sang the wishes and hopes of everyone's hearts... The party was peaceful and warm, with applause, laughter, cheers, interactive games and lucky draws. The atmosphere is pushing to the climax.

            The success of the 2017 New Year party fully demonstrated the unity and uplifting spirit of the Unet people, and also showed the good yearning and confidence of all employees for the new year. In 2017, let us pick up our sleeves and cheer!

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