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            Analysis of the Legalization Path of Power System Reform

            AddTime:2019-03-19 10:21:27   Views:    Source:電力決策與輿情參考    【 Big Mid Small 】   Print   Close

            International experience shows that the path of “first legislation and post-reform” is an important guarantee for the success of power reform. The Electricity Law of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the "Electricity Law"), which was implemented on April 1, 1996, has been in use for nearly two decades, and some regulations are separated from the practice of development and change of the power industry. Modified to meet the needs of the development of the power industry. On April 24 this year, the National People's Congress deliberated and passed the decision to amend the six laws including the Electricity Law. Among the amendments to the Electricity Law, the original power supply business organization was removed from the original Article 25, paragraph 3. The Permit applies to the administrative department for industry and commerce for a business license before it can be opened." This is generally accepted by scholars as "opening up", and there will be a lot of content to be revised, and the process will be accelerated. In practice, some reform initiatives lack legal basis and even contradict the relevant provisions of current laws and regulations. For example, the direct purchase of electricity by large users lacks relevant legal basis because it violates the basic principles of fair trade. For the current electricity price formation mechanism and monopoly operation of power grids, the main legal basis lies in the power supply in the Electricity Law. A series of regulations on the licensing system of the business district and the franchise system for the power supply business. Therefore, in the future, it is necessary to realize the market mechanism to determine the electricity price and electricity price to guide the investment and consumption system, establish a grid without discrimination, open the access system, and achieve the goal of energy saving and low carbon. Etc., all need to amend the original laws and regulations.

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