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            Substation dedicated 10KV TSC reactive power compensation device


            Device overview:
            The UNT-TSC high-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation device produced by our company adopts high-power thyristor series to form a high-voltage AC non-contact switch, which realizes fast zero-crossing switching of multi-stage capacitor banks (less than 20ms), and achieves no impact in the compensation process. No surge, no excessive cutting effect.

            Working principle:
            The valve group triggering of the UNT-TSC high-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation device adopts the photoelectric triggering mode, and the signals of the main circuit and the control circuit are transmitted by optical fibers, so that the primary system and the secondary system are completely isolated, high reliability, high safety, and the technology is achieved. The international advanced level.

             Technical Parameters:

            ·Working range: 10KV ± 10%

            ·Working frequency: 45~50Hz

            ·Response speed: ≤20ms

            ·Switching method: group cutting

            ·Trigger mode: Photoelectric trigger

            ·Installation method: parallel

            ·Communication interface: Optional GPRS communication module for remote monitoring and data acquisition

            · Heat dissipation method: forced air cooling

            · Ambient temperature: -40 ° C ~ 50 ° C

            · Ambient humidity: 5% to 95%, no condensation

            · Altitude: ≤2000M

            Technical features:

            1. Unique valve group design patent

             ★Patent technology-----Thyristor dynamic safety monitoring and protection device (patent number: CN101232235A), monitor the safety capacity of thyristors by dynamic cycle-by-cycle, find the container down in time, and protect all devices in an instant to avoid equipment collapse And the huge losses caused by it.

            1) Through the state-of-the-art component analysis of the gate trigger pulse at the same time, the components with reduced quality in the component are identified, and the safety of the device is improved.

            2) The number of fibers connected to the upper layer control is small, which saves cost and reduces the complexity of equipment manufacturing.

            3) The trigger pulse consistency of each component in the series component is good, which ensures the leading edge simultaneity of the trigger pulse.

            4) It can dynamically identify the derating of each thyristor component, and quickly block the trigger pulse of all components in this group in this week wave, avoiding the interlocking reaction of collective failure of the whole component due to the damage of individual components, which has a high Value.

            ★Patent technology-----Thyristor trigger unit high-frequency constant current source power supply device (patent number: CN101232236A), using digital anti-interference ability digital trigger and fiber isolation, to solve the contradiction between high-voltage insulation and equipment volume, to ensure that the equipment is Safe and reliable operation under various complicated conditions.

            The power energy coupling only needs a high-frequency constant-current high-voltage cable to pass through the various trigger unit coupling transformers, which completely solves the problem of electrical isolation of the high-voltage main circuit and the low-voltage control circuit.

            2. Modular design

            The thyristor valve group integrates a trigger plate, a thyristor module, a high-frequency constant current source, and a thyristor component monitoring control module. Each module is individually designed to ensure efficient, reliable design, manufacturing and quality control.

            The small size and light weight of the valve block, each phase is separately installed, and the drawer structure can integrate the valve block and the capacitive reactance cabinet, which is especially suitable for space-constrained applications. The modular design makes the thyristor valve group have the advantages of flexible installation, convenient disassembly and maintenance, good interchangeability, simple replacement and high reliability.

            3. Efficient thyristor cooling system

            The heat dissipation system of the thyristor valve group adopts a high-power and high-efficiency aluminum profile heat sink, which effectively reduces the junction temperature of the thyristor and improves the operational reliability of the thyristor, and is completely suitable for a site with frequent load changes and strong impact. The thyristor adopts a single-tube independent crimping structure to improve the reliability of the thyristor crimping, the maintenance convenience, and the heat dissipation efficiency of the thyristor.

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