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            Taiwan area variable load balancing device (LBC)


            Product description:
            At present, the single-phase load power supply is mainly used in rural areas of China. Due to the lack of population distribution and large power supply radius, the three-phase imbalance of the power grid is increasingly prominent. At the same time, there is still a certain amount of reactive power shortage in the rural power network.

            Working principle:
            The device consists of a controller and a voltage inverter branch. The line current is monitored in real time. When an unbalanced current occurs in the system, the voltage inverter preferentially balances the active current. When the active current is balanced in the system, the compensation is reactive. Power and smooth adjustment by the voltage inverter branch.
            How load balancing works:
            After the device is turned on, the system current is detected in real time by an external current transformer (CT), and the system current information is sent to the internal controller for processing and analysis to determine whether the system is in an unbalanced state, and at the same time, the phases are calculated when the equilibrium state is reached. The current value to be converted is then sent to the internal IGBT and its action is driven to shift the unbalanced current from a phase with a large current to a phase with a small current, and finally to a three-phase equilibrium state.
            Working principle of reactive power compensation:
            After the SPC is turned on, the load current is detected in real time through an external current transformer (CT), and the reactive power content of the load current is analyzed by internal DSP calculation, and then the PWM signal generator is controlled to send a control signal to the internal IGBT to make the inverter according to the set value. The device generates a reactive power compensation current that meets the requirements, and finally achieves the purpose of dynamic reactive power compensation.

            Technical Parameters:
            · Rating work Voltage: 400V±10%
            ·Adapt to the working environment temperature: -10 ° C ~ +45 ° C
            ·Balance load current capability: 50A~150A can be selected according to demand (33 50 66 100KVA)
            ·Compensation without function: 30~300kvar/400V
            · Compensation form: continuous compensation
            ·Working frequency: 50Hz±1%
            · Response speed: ≤10ms
            ·Installation method: Parallel
            ·Dissipation method: natural air cooling
            ·Communication mode: Optional GPRS communication module enables remote monitoring and data acquisition.

            Technical features:
            (1) The main circuit inverter adopts the IGBT device of international famous brand;
            (2) With multiple control modes, it can be set freely;
            (3) It is convenient to realize expansion by parallel connection;
            (4) Overcurrent limitation: With reliable current limiting control, the device can compensate for the maximum within its own rated capacity, maintain normal operation, and will not cause overload and other failures;
            (5) It has complete protection functions, including overload, over current, short circuit, etc. It has system startup self-diagnosis function;
            (6) It has a buffer start control loop, which can avoid excessive input current from the moment of start-up and limit the current within the rated range. The isolated transmission signal between the control system and the inverter avoids the interference of the electromagnetic signal, and the device works more stably and reliably;
            (7) Controller: Computation and logic processing adopts full digital technology, adopts DSP and is equipped with powerful FPGA chip, which can process large amounts of data and real-time digital operations in parallel, with high precision and fast response.
            (8) Adopt Chinese Chinese character liquid crystal display panel with fault alarm and recall function, which can display the running status and set the running parameters in real time on the panel;
            (9) Independent control by phase separation, which can balance load current and realize three-phase co-compensation and single-phase co-compensation;
            (10) The device is installed on the column, which has short installation period, convenient transportation and short commissioning period;

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