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            UNT-BZG type transformer neutral point grounding resistance cabinet


            Product Usage:
            The UNT-BZG transformer neutral grounding resistance cabinet is used on the neutral point of the transformer of the 6-35kV AC grid to achieve the neutral point of these grids through the resistor grounding.

            UNT-BZG type transformer neutral point grounding resistance cabinet body material is made of stainless steel or cold-rolled plate, beautiful appearance, strong corrosion resistance, protection grade up to IP55.
            According to different conditions of use, the resistance cabinet is divided into indoor type and outdoor type. The line entry mode can be up-and-down, down-and-down, and the like, and the wall-mounted sleeve is installed at the top of the cabinet when the upper and lower sides are used. The top of the cabinet is equipped with a lifting ring for easy lifting.
            The resistor material can be made of alloy material or non-metallic special material valve.
            The UNT-BZG neutral grounding resistance cabinet is a standard product, which can be operated in parallel with the resistor or reactance. It is convenient for the grid to gradually expand and the grounding resistance is gradually reduced.
            When the transformer winding is triangularly connected and the Z-winding grounding transformer needs to be installed separately, the UNT-BZG type neutral point grounding resistance cabinet can be used with it.

            Intelligent control part
            The traditional grounding resistance cabinet is only a pure hardware protection device. The resistance cabinet developed by our company according to market requirements is added to the intelligent control part. The controller hardware is based on Philips 32-bit single-chip microcomputer. The software is mixed with C and assembly language, and the display part is large-screen LCD Chinese characters.
            The intelligent controller can monitor the unbalance current of the neutral point, the temperature of the resistor and the resistor cabinet during normal operation of the system. When the single-phase ground fault occurs, the ground current, grounding time, temperature change of the resistor, resistor cabinet and grounding can be recorded. The number of times and the communication interface are reserved, and the detected and recorded information can be transmitted to the main control room, so that the operator can get the information in the first time.

            If you need more detailed information, you can contact the company!

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