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            UNT-DZ type low voltage neutral point grounding resistor


            Product Usage:
            The UNT-DZ low-voltage grounding resistor is mainly used for the 0.4kV low-voltage power system of a thermal power plant or the 0.66kV low-voltage power plant of a coal mine. It is a neutral point grounding resistor for low-voltage transformers.

            The resistor cabinet is made of cold-rolled steel or stainless steel.

            The material of the resistor is made of Cr20Ni80 nickel-chromium alloy, so the conductivity is high, the temperature is good, the maximum use temperature can reach 1200 °C and the temperature coefficient is small, the resistance value is stable, fireproof and explosion-proof, and the reliability is high.

            If you need more detailed information, you can contact the company!

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