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            UNT-TNP-110/220 type neutral point grounding protection device


            Product description:
            The UNT-TNP neutral point grounding protection device is a complete set of electrical equipment such as isolation switch, zinc oxide arrester, discharge gap and current transformer. It has the characteristics of small size, easy installation and debugging, and high reliability.
            The UNT-TNP neutral point grounding protection device uses a rod-shaped gap with a semi-circular (or tapered) end. The arrester and the isolating switch can be selected in any combination according to the engineering needs. The action mechanism of the isolating switch can be selected to use manual or motorized mechanisms according to engineering requirements. The technical parameters of the gap can be debugged at the factory or debugged on site.

            1. Relying on Tianwei Group, we have a deep understanding of the characteristics of the transformer. We have a special R&D department for the neutral point of the transformer and even the whole system to ensure the neutral point clearance of the transformer in the design, calculation, process and manufacturing process. Comprehensive, accurate, professional and reliable.
            2. It can be installed and used normally in different parts of north and south of China. In the alpine regions of China, the hot and humid areas can ensure the reliable operation of the equipment.
            3. The mounting bracket adopts seamless steel pipe to ensure the stability of the bracket (other manufacturers are generally threaded pipe, iron pipe or cement pipe).
            4, product design serialization is divided into ten models, convenient for user selection.
            5. It is equipped with intelligent control unit, which can adjust the gap distance remotely; record the number of discharges and current; realize the electrical data upload through the communication serial port; and send it to the mobile phone of the designated operation personnel and the after-sales service personnel by SMS.
            6, supporting transformers, insulators and other accessories purchased from domestic first-class manufacturers; to ensure that the complete set of equipment in the overall high quality.
            7. The equipment use limit is designed according to the 50-year disaster weather.
            8. Relying on Tianwei Group, it has a complete set of high-voltage testing equipment and test procedures to ensure that the factory pass rate is 100%.

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