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            UNT-PHK arc suppression coil automatic tracking compensation device


            1.Use and performance
            Due to the increasing requirements of the power system for various voltage level operating indicators, the correct choice of the neutral point grounding method and its implementation under different conditions have more and more important practical significance. At present, China's 6-60 kV distribution network, when the capacitor current is small, generally adopts the neutral point ungrounding method. When the capacitor current reaches a certain level, the neutral point is often grounded by the arc suppression coil, with the distribution network. Constantly expanding, cable lines increase, the capacitance current of the distribution network to the ground continues to increase, and the operation mode often changes, making the arc suppression coil difficult to set. If the degree of detuning is too large, when a single-phase ground fault occurs, the grounding arc cannot be extinguished by itself, and may develop into a phase-to-phase short circuit, causing an accident to expand. If the degree of detuning is too small, close to the full compensation mode, resonance overvoltage is likely to occur, which jeopardizes the safety of the equipment.

            In view of the above problems, the operating experience of the arc suppression coil has been summarized for several decades, and a new type of arc suppression coil automatic tuning and measuring instrument has been successfully developed. The device can automatically track the change of the capacitance current of the grid and automatically adjust the position of the arc suppression coil to achieve The best compensation ensures that the arc is extinguished when the single-phase grounding fault occurs, limits the arc overvoltage, and can suppress the resonant overvoltage of the power grid to ensure safe and reliable operation of the power system. This product can be widely used in power supply and distribution systems in electric power, chemical, petroleum, petrochemical, coal mining, metallurgical and other industries.

            2. The device features
            Compared with other domestic manufacturers, this device has the following characteristics:
            1. The main CPU adopts high-performance single-chip 80196KC, which is equipped with large-capacity ROM and E2PROM. It has strong data operation, logic processing and information processing capability, high reliability and fast running speed.
            2. Multi-chip 14-bit multi-channel A/D conversion chip is adopted, which has high data sampling frequency, high speed and high calculation precision, thus improving the measurement accuracy of various data of the device;
            3. The device adopts large-screen liquid crystal display with touch function, full Chinese menu, various operations and actions, and all fixed value inputs can be completed through touch screen, friendly man-machine interface and convenient operation;
            4. The device can dynamically store information of 256 times of instrument measurement data maintained by power-off, which is convenient for the operator to view the record;
            5. In order to improve the anti-interference ability of the arc suppression coil measuring and controlling instrument and improve the heat dissipation problem, the instrument will be divided into two main chassis.
            The power transformer, the transmitter board and the isolation transformer are mainly placed in the chassis, and the rest are placed in the main chassis.

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