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            UNT-PS dual power switching device


            Product description:
            With the development of electrical automation in power plants, people have higher and higher requirements for power supply reliability. In many cases, two power supplies are used to ensure the reliability of the power supply. This requires a product to be reliably switched between the two power supplies. The UNT-PS dual power switching device produced by the company is designed to meet this requirement. . The new product has a self-cutting and self-resetting switching function, which provides an uninterrupted working power supply for the on-site intelligent monitoring equipment, thus ensuring the stable operation of the electrical control system of the power plant.

            · Self-cutting function: The device can automatically switch the working power supply and the standby power supply to ensure the reliable operation of the unsupervised automatic monitoring system.
            · Self-recovery function: When the working power supply is restored, the device can automatically switch the backup power back to the working power supply to continue power supply.
            The device can conveniently indicate to the user the usage of the working power source and the backup power source, and the signal indicating the node mode (opening point, closed point) can be arbitrarily selected.
            · The device can convert the AC400V voltage to AC220V without external transformer or any step-down device, which provides the standard working voltage for the low-voltage equipment and improves the equipment's ability to adapt to the field.

            Input power type

            Output power type

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