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            UNT-MCS-600 intelligent motor protection tester


            Device introduction:
            Baoding Younaite Electric Co., Ltd. is the pioneer and leader of domestic intelligent terminal equipment, and has a high brand awareness in the industry. In order to better serve the users, combined with more than ten years of design development and debugging experience, our company introduced the UNT-MCS-600 intelligent motor protection tester, which can be used with different control simulators. Comprehensive, efficient and accurate performance testing of the UNT-MMI series of products. It provides convenience for users to carry out loop maintenance or testing, improves work efficiency, reduces the workload of on-site commissioning and maintenance, shortens the work cycle, and has obvious comprehensive benefits.

            Features and features:
            The UNT-MCS-600 intelligent motor protection tester is small in size, easy to carry, full-featured, and equipped with a large-screen touch screen. The human-machine interface is friendly and easy to operate.

            Tester function:
            Output three-phase voltage, three-phase current
            The amplitude and angle of the current and voltage can be displayed and can be set as needed
            Test the protection function of the motor protection device
            Test the protection action time of the motor protection device
            Test the 4~20mA function of the motor protection device
            Test the communication function of the motor protection device
            Motor protection device for motor with rated power below 200kW
            Manipulating the simulator function:
            Test the start and stop function of the motor protection device
            Test the digital input of the motor protection device
            Test the switching output of the motor protection device

            It can be used at boot, which is convenient and quick to operate. With 3-phase voltage 3-phase current output, it is easy to carry out various types of protection tests;
            This machine adopts large-screen high-resolution graphic touch screen. The operation interface and test results are displayed in Chinese. The display is intuitive and clear, and the interface is friendly. All the operation processes are set on the display.
            The software is powerful and can be simulated and operated by a full set of Chinese operating software on the Windows platform.
            The device is beautiful in appearance, small in size, and easy to carry, especially convenient for field application;
            It adopts a reasonable design of heat dissipation structure, and has a variety of reliable and comprehensive protection measures and fault self-diagnosis function.
            Technical indicators:
            Phase voltage output (RMS): 0-240V
            Voltage output accuracy: 0.2
            Current output accuracy: 0.5

              Intelligent motor protection tester Manipulating the simulator
            Dimensions 470X360X220mm 303X247X120mm
            Single weight 8Kg 3Kg
            Power supply AC220V±10%,50/60Hz AC220V±10%,50/60Hz
              -20℃—+55℃ -20℃—+55℃

            Product model

            English model Chinese name
            UNT-MCS-600 Intelligent motor protection tester
            UNT-MMI-B-C UNT-MMI-B manipulation simulator
            UNT-MMI-B-M-C UNT-MMI-B-M manipulation simulator
            UNT-MMI-B-W-C UNT-MMI-B-W manipulation simulator


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