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            UNT-LVSS low - voltage soft starter


            Product overview:
            Our company's UNT-LVSS low voltage soft starter is a new type of starter with international advanced level. This product can effectively limit the starting current of the asynchronous motor when starting, and it is an ideal generation of the traditional star-delta conversion, auto-coupling voltage reduction, magnetic control voltage reduction and other voltage reduction starting equipment.

            Product features:
            Starting way

            According to the characteristics of load, different starting modes and parameter Settings can be selected to maximize the use of motor to achieve the best starting effect.

            High technical performance

            The control circuit is simplified because of the high performance microprocessor and powerful software support. Consistent, accurate and fast execution speed can be achieved without adjusting circuit parameters.

            High reliability

            All the electric components of this series of soft starter have been strictly screened, and its main control board has passed the 72-hour high temperature cycle test, thus ensuring the high reliability of the factory products.

            Optimized structure
            Unique and compact modular structure and the upper - lower - line connection, very convenient user integration or set.

            Multiple protection function
            This series of soft starter has a variety of protection functions (such as overcurrent, overload, phase loss, overheating and three-phase current imbalance, etc.) in the process of starting and running the motor, so there is no need to add additional motor protection circuit for single control, which can reduce the cost of integration or complete set and simplify the circuit.

            Keyboard Settings
            Convenient and intuitive operation display keyboard, according to different loads, the start and stop, operation, protection and other parameters can be set, modify.

            Actual power setting
            When the power of the soft starter is larger than that of the actual load, the rated current of the soft starter can be set according to the actual load to make the soft starter match the actual load, so as to ensure the accuracy of starting, moving, protection and other parameters.

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